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LISTEN to the complete question pools for the Extra, the General, or the Technician License Exams.

LISTEN and LEARN In Your Car, While Doing Yardwork, Exercising, Eating, Etc.!

For only $5.99, download the MP3 files for the entire Question and Answer Pool to help you achieve your license goal.

These MP3 audio files contain a human female voice slowly reading each and every question along with its correct answer TWO TIMES.

If you are an Auditory Learner, you learn most effectively by listening to audio books and recordings, oral presentations, and verbal instructions.

Even if you are not a true Auditory Learner, you can still benefit from listening to these audio recordings to help you prepare for your Amateur Radio license.

Download the audio recordings NOW and begin studying immediately!

I Passed My Extra Exam With Just Five Weeks of Study

I'm 74 with short term memory issues and wondered if I would be able to study and then pass the Extra Exam at my age. So, as many hams do, I began by taking the online practice tests. For several days I consistently scored in the 30's and 40's on every practice test and did not make any progress so I became very discouraged.

One afternoon I complained to my wife that I just wasn't making any progress and she said, "Would it help if I read the questions and answers to you?" I said, "Yes but why don't you record them so I can listen to them over and over?"

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On July 1, 2020, the Extra Class Exam Pool was updated so the old questions no longer apply.